our most used products from young living

These are our go-to’s, order every month, cannot live without, healthy cleaning, beauty and wellness items. These are a few of our family’s favorites and how we use them.

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Thieves Household Cleaner: the crown jewel of healthy cleaning! we clean every single surface of our home with this plant based cleaner! it actually disinfects while being safe for even our youngest babies + pets to be close to while cleaning. plus we love how simplified our cleaning cabinet is now. most conventional store cleaners sadly contain harsh chemicals.

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Ningxia Red: our antioxidant drink that we use to support our overall wellness every single day. our entire family drinks this to help keep us above the wellness line! it tastes like a fruity, tart juice and it’s insanely delicious.

Inner Beauty Collagen: helping our hair, skin, nails and gut health – we’ve noticed amazing results from adding this to our daily coffee + we love that it doesn’t add a taste or texture.

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CBD Beauty Boost: the ultimate skin reset and truly is like botox in a bottle. I use it in the morning and sometimes at night to keep my face feeling smooth, more even and ready for makeup if I’m wearing it that day.

Gentle Baby: we use this oil constantly! it’s the one that helped our 3rd baby drop her 3am parties as an infant, it’s our go-to for taming the energy in our house during witching hour, and it’s a MUST for adding to our wool dryer balls as it keeps our clothes smelling incredible for days.



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