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Hi, I’m Ryan – I’m married to Evan! We met online during our junior year of college when it was really weird to meet people online. I made him meet me in a public place after hours of talking online and on the phone, even though he offered to pick me up in his car for our first date. We dated all through college and started our lives together after graduation.

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We have been together for 16 years now. Married for 10 years of that. We’ve lived all over the state of Florida and also had an incredible adventure year living in Vancouver, British Columbia. That’s where we decided we wanted 3 children and eventually moved back to Florida to be closer to family and start our own family!

Our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage around 9 weeks when we were pregnant with identical twins. We were heartbroken and felt so empty after that experience. A few months later we were pregnant again. This time it was identical twins AGAIN (imagine the looks on our faces and our doctor….wow). The chances of that happening are crazy low and we were meant to be twin parents!

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Our beautiful twin girls were born in 2016 and we knew pretty immediately we still wanted our 3 children as we’d originally planned.

In late 2018 we welcomed our incredible 3rd little girl and settled into life as a family of five. We were figuring out how to manage our full-time careers alongside raising 3 under 3. After a little over a year we knew we wanted to balance out our crew with one more baby.

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Again we experienced another miscarriage early on. Having gone through the experience before, we knew what to expect and we knew our little one would come eventually. At the end of 2020, we welcomed another sweet little girl. Our plan was 4 and we felt complete.

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Four-ish months later I was waking my husband up on April Fool’s Day to tell him that it was NOT a joke, and that I was pregnant with baby number FIVE. Another little girl. We welcomed her at the end of 2021!

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With the birth of our 4th daughter, we had started to slowly transition from two full-time careers in the corporate world to time away to prioritize time with our family and on our small businesses. Eventually I went back to work a few months after our 5th daughter was born and am working full time while Evan is a stay at home dad!

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I am a Gold leader with Young Living essential oils and still pinch myself that I get to help other people bring more natural living and wellness options into their lives. I love essential oils, Ningxia, messy buns on top of my head, and high-maintenance decaf coffee!

Evan has always been in the finance and analytics world, and now works for himself applying what he knows on the investment side of things. He loves all things health-oriented, making funny videos and cats!